Interview with Anze Peharc
26. 5. 2024
Author: Zuzana Martinovská
Category : Stories

At the end it is not just motivation, it's also a lot of sacrifices. If you want to be a…

Interview with Czech OCÚN ambassador Honza Vopat
26. 2. 2024
Author: Jakub Jurník
Category : Stories

Climbing means a lot to me, but I find it a great pity to fixate just only on one thing in life,…

27. 10. 2023
Author: Sarah Chase Fountain
Category : Stories

American climber Jesse Grupper has qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics!

Allison Vest joins Ocún
17. 3. 2021
Author: Lucie Trojanová
Category : Stories

Allison Vest is the first Canadian woman to send 8B/V13 boulder. She says that she is the best…

Ocún is becoming partner with Vertical'Art
25. 11. 2020
Author: Stanislav Bican, Lucie Trojanová
Category : Stories

From now on you´ll get the opportunity to buy Ocún climbing shoes and climbing accessories in every…

Christmas Gift Ideas for Climbers
20. 11. 2020
Author: Ocún team
Category : Stories

Getting your climber a piece of climbing gear for Christmas is an absolute must. If you don’t know…

Kyra Condie: About her quarantine training serial, postponed Olympics and change of plans
16. 6. 2020
Author: Lucie Trojanová
Category : Stories

We were planning a big interview about the approaching Olympics. But things changed. A lot. Instead…

Jernej Kruder: Staying motivated when you can´t climb
23. 4. 2020
Author: Lucie Trojanová
Category : Stories

Getting injured when you are on the top of your game is every climber´s nightmare. Jernej Kruder…

Kyra Condie visits Ocún
23. 3. 2020
Author: Lucie Trojanová
Category : Stories

Do you know what climbing shoes Kyra Condie is wearing at the Olympics? During her February trip to…

Kyra Condie becomes new Ocún ambassador
7. 2. 2020
Author: Lucie Trojanová
Category : Stories

She has a distinctive style of climbing – fast and with no place for hesitation. She knows how to…

Muriel Sarkany: Climbing legend from Belgium
13. 11. 2019
Author: Lucie Trojanová
Category : Stories

She won the World Cup five times and also became the World Champion in lead climbing. Not long…

Psicobloc Montreal
1. 10. 2019
Author: Jan Šimota
Category : Stories

No harness, no quickdraws, complete freedom of movement. Huge exposure. Solo climbing to 16.5m…