Allison Vest


Allison Vest

Sport Climbing

Allison spent most of her childhood in the Canadian Rockies. She started competing in climbing at the age of 9. Now she lives and trains in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. She is mainly do bouldering and sport climbing. She is the first Canadian that climb a V13/8B boulder: The Terminator V13/8B, Squamish in 2019, she is also a 2-time Canadian Bouldering Champion, 2018 and 2020 and a 2019 Canadian Difficulty Climbing Champion.

Furthermore, the most difficult sends:

  • Show Your Scars (V14) - Ogden UT
  • Pagan Poetry Low (V13) - Joes Valley UT
  • Throwin the Houlihan (5.14) - Wild Iris WY
  • Blackout (U13) - Joes Valley UT
  • Eclipse (V12) - Little Cottonwood Canyon UT

Among most popular products are the Fury climbing shoes and the Dominator Crashpad. Fury are absolutely the best shoe for toe hooking. They fit the foot well and are super versatile for the wide variety of styles encountered when bouldering. Thanks to FTS technology, the Crashpad Dominator is light for its size and safe at the same time.

Allison wants to continue pushing her limits in climbing and pushing her limits to the max. "All you can do is try and try hard and you might surprise yourself." Her ape index is +18 cm.

My favorite gear:

Paddy Dominator