News in Ocún climbing equipment for 2021

Our sport is one of the fastest evolving ones and so is the equipment. We keep up with the pace, so we´ve designed two new models of climbing shoes and much more for 2021!

Last year was a weird year. But it freed us from distractions such as travelling to distant climbing areas, fantasizing about the next trip or planning anything at all. On the other hand it allowed us spend more time indoors and be fully focused on work. We believe that you´ll appreciate the results of our efforts when you try them for yourself in your favorite gym or crag. We also hope it´s going to be soon!


Bullit is our response to the fast evolution of bouldering. It is designed to stick to volumes, enable solid toe-hooks and fit tightly on your foot!

Bullit has a soft sole coated with our stickiest rubber CAT 1.5. It´s made on highly asymmetric last with significant big-toe orientation, which helps when standing on smaller footholds. High pretention in the arch ensures tight fit. And you will definitely like its 3D rubber toe-patch, which is unflinching when it comes to toe-hooking.


Precise on tiny footholds, solid on volumes and yet improbably comfortable! Havoc´s lesser asymmetry ensures greater comfort, while its other features make it a very reliable shoe.

Orientation of the inner forces towards the tip offers extra support on small footholds. Relatively flat profile results in widening the interface of the shoe and rock and therefore helps on slabs. 3D rubber toe-patch ensures solid toe-hooks. And of course, we used our stickiest rubber CAT 1.5 on Havoc´s sole.

Tie-in Sling

Simple, fast and light-weight solution for connecting your climbing harness with a chest harness. No more untangling messy knots or using unsuitable slings that are always either too long, or too short.

Combining the two harnesses ensures safer falls in all climbing terrains. This solution does all the work a standard full-body harness would in a way that offers a few extra advantages

(e.g. you can safely disconnect the chest harness when you need to take off your hoodie, you are still on belay). Beginners and climbers with higher demands on falling safely in upright position should always prefer the combo. It´s an absolute necessity for via ferrata!

Hot & Cool Chalk

It´s almost like there´s a new scientific field emerging and it´s all about chalk. It turned out that a certain composition of your chalk works perfectly during hot summer days and another formula works out well when climbing in colder conditions.

Mastering the art of chalking up your sweaty palms right has never been easier.

Kestrel QD ST-Sling Dyn

Lightness is a virtue and adjustability is a very handy feature. Our new quickdraws combine the two in a simple and safe way.

Single Tech (ST) Dyneema® is a super strong sling which allows for more length adjustability than regular quickdraw sling. It´s also very light, which is a feature it shares with Kestrel carabiner. Putting them together results in creating a very light-weight and highly adjustable quickdraw. Perfectly suitable for placement in trad routes, alpine climbs and all kinds of wildly shaped rock.

SBEA Lanyard = Self Belay Energy Absorption Lanyard

UIAA only recommends use of lanyards made of dynamic rope for self-belay in anchor. SBEA Lanyard is exactly that.

The dynamic rope is capable of absorbing significant amount of energy in case a climber falls. Lanyard made of dynamic rope is therefore much safer option. SBEA Lanyard comes in three variants with various length and with one additional feature for more comfortable rappelling.