Paddy Moonwalk

Moonwalk offers possibility to connect more crash pads together

Performance with attention to detail - Paddy Moonwalk is recommended for all types of bouldering including highballs. It offers two different ways of opening and also offers possibility to connect more crash pads together and create a bigger continuous landing. Its carrying is more comfortable thanks to the shoulder straps made of WeBee padding. It´s always delivered with integral carpet for cleaning the climbing shoes.
  • 2 locking Velcro straps
  • Duralumin hook buckles
  • Carpet 50×30 cm
  • Breathable WeBee carrying straps
  • 2 rubber handles
  • Multipurpose side loops


5800 g
10 cm
100 x 132 cm
Size packed
100 x 66 x 20 cm
Construction and packing
2-pieces, two-way oppening
Carrying system
Absoption effect HIC 400
2,5 m
EN 1177
UIAA 161

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