On-Sight 8,8 mm

Superlight rope

Declaration of conformity

On-Sight is a rope for the most ambitious climbers. It is extremely light without compromising on the quality. On-Sight has zero sheath slippage and it's pleasant to handle. It is water repellent according to the UIAA standards, and PFC free. It is certified as a single rope for sport climbing as well as a twin and a half rope. 

• Designed for the most demanding sport climbing: on sight, flash, red point
• Easy to handle
• PFC Free UIAA water repellent


8.8 mm
Rope type
Single rope
Half rope
Twin rope
50 g/m
Max. impact force
8,7 kN
6,4 kN
10,1 kN
Number of UIAA falls
Sheath slippage
Static elongation
6,2 %
6,5 %
4,3 %
Dynamic elongation
30 %
29 %
26 %
Sheat proportion
38 %
Number of carriers
EN 892+A1



Individual strands of the core are heat treated to give the rope its dynamic and mechanical properties.

Final heat treatment of the braid ensures compact flexibility and supple handling.

Twisted fibers of sheath give permanent protection and create a barrier against moisture and dirt.

Strict control of fiber tension during the manufacturing process ensures perfectly balanced tension throughout the entire cross-section of the rope and keeps the sheath from slipping.

The individual strands of the core are chemically and thermally treated before weaving. This improves the interaction of core strands and its mechanical and dynamic properties.

The final thermal treatment is a standard treatment applied to all Ocun ropes to ensure compact flexibility and pleasant handling properties.

Each of our ropes has a permanent PFC-Free protective layer that creates a barrier to prevent water and impurities from reaching the core. This protective treatment of fibers also reduces their friction and increases the mechanical resilience of the whole construction. As a result, the life span of the entire rope is extended. Does not contain Fluorocarbons C6 or C8 which are toxic and nondegradable in nature.

Neobsahuje toxické a v přírodě nerozložitelné fluorokarbony C6 a C8.

Ocun devotes exceptional attention to checking fiber tension when processing and weaving strands. This technological discipline ensures that Ocun ropes perfectly balance tension throughout the entire cross-section, enabling the rope to attain excellent results when measuring normative parameters (weight, number of falls, impact force, zero sheath slip, etc.).


Every Ocún rope has a colored band marking the mid-point to make descending easier.

Every Ocún rope is color coded on one end to indicate length and increase safety during use.

The ends of all ropes have different color codes to easily distinguish them from one another and ensure uniform use.

Each individual rope has its own unique serial number.

Each Ocun rope has a colored band 8 cm long to mark the midpoint. The color used does not have a harmful effect on the braid materials nor does it change the mechanical properties of the rope. Each new rope comes with a marker that can be used to brighten the midpoint mark or mark a new midpoint if the rope is shortened by the user.

Ocun ropes have visible length markings. One end of the rope is always marked with the color of the particular length (40 m yellow, 50 m blue, 60 m orange, 70 m green, 80 m purple, 100 m pink). This standard marking of rope length helps increase safety when tying in and descending, where knowledge of rope length is important. If a user needs to shorten a rope, each rope comes with a gray replacement label and blank area to mark the individual length.

Both ends of the rope are fitted with a durable, multi-layer label with required information (manufacturer, standard, certification, year of manufacture, type, model, diameter and length) and a hidden serial number to trace the origins of the rope. Each end has a different color making them easier to identify, that way you can alternate the active end of the rope to ensure even wear of both.

This number is not dependent on the length or type of rope. Thanks to this number, which is always recorded during production, it is possible to track the history of all materials and machinery used to manufacture the rope. If the history of a particular rope needs to be tracked, the serial number makes this possible. The number is listed on the package, the instructions and also at both ends of the rope.

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