Honza Vopat

At the age of 16, Honza has climbed four 8cs and his decimal maximum is 8b. He climbs on lime, on sand and in the mountains and carries scalps from all the famous European regions.

Honza Vopat

Sport Climbing

Year of birth: 2003

Place of stay: Ústí nad Labem

Years climbing: Since I was 4. I remember sending my first 7a on lead when i was 8.

Specialization: Lead mostly, but I also like bouldering and multipitches. I was twice in Dolomiti - beautiful landscape and great climbing full of adrenaline.

When did you start climbing and who with?

In my childhood, with parents and sister.

Do you have a nickname?

Not yet, everyone´s calling me Honza.

Hardest and most valuable sends:

  • Sandstone - Hard Core XC PP in Elbe valley
  • Limestone - Feurball 8b PP in Frankenjura
  • Multipitch - Priz 7b OS, 250m in Dolomiti

I like trying onsights and I focus on them most of all. My hardest onsight is an 8b - Por Una Sociedad …Extension 1, Kalymnos. My hardest RP is Ixeia  8b+ v Rodellaru.

If you didn´t climb, what would you probably do with your life?

I´m good at all sports, so maybe athletics and other sports.

What is your favourite place in the world?

I don´t have one favourite place, I like places where I can climb. I like discovering new areas.

What do you like the most about climbing?  

What i like the most is the height, the joy of sending a hard route, adrenaline, but also peace, sleeping under the stars, evening fire, nature, travelling and friends...

How long was your longest fall, when and where did it happen?

It was in Tarn, when I was onsighting a route, I skipped some bolts and flew for about 8 meters. It was three years ago.

Are you scared of falling?

No, very oposite, I love falling. I even jump from time to time during training.

Are you scared of anything else?

I´m usually scared before I clip the first bolt on sandstone.

What is your ape index?

Pretty good.

My favorite gear:


Oxi QC