Brief interview with Anźe Peharc

Anźe Peharc is now in China, where he is waiting for another competition of the bouldering world cup. What are his feelings after the bronze medal from Chongqing?

You´re doing great this year at the bouldering world cup. So far you finished 15th, 4th and 3rd, which shows that the latest result is not a coincidence. What caused the change, what do you do differently this year?

I think that I am definitely in the best physical shape so far, so that is the first thing that I would point out. Second thing is that I weigh less than last year as I've been following a diet in the last year. Third thing would be my head – for this year I've changed my mindset for the competitions which was supported by my success at Studio Bloc, which gave me the confidence boost that I needed.

What do you think is your biggest strength and weakness?

My biggest strengths are coordination moves and flexibility. My biggest weakness is compression.

How do you manage stress? Are you nervous when you´re climbing in front of the crowd?

I've always thought that climbing is the only thing I want to do in my life. This year I've realized that I also really like to study and that took some pressure I felt away. I have also learned to realize this - I know how to climb and I am well prepared but nothing wrong is gonna happen if I don't get to the next round. It's really working so far – I´ve made every semi. Plus I use headphones which help me zone out from the competition.

But of course I am nervous, that´s totally natural.

What do you think is the key talent of a competitive climber in general? Is it strength, technique or the ability to stay calm?

It is surely the ability to stay calm and remain focused on the next problem. I´d say that clear head represents more than 50 % of the performance.

You appear as a very humble guy, when you are brushing the holds for yourself in the finals. How do you handle the increased attention, how do you feel in the spotlight?

I usually like to clean holds by myself, because the volunteers sometimes don´t do as good a job. About being in the spotlight - it is surely a new thing for me and so far I am just trying to enjoy it and not to let it put any additional pressure on me.

What are your plans after the world cup?

Now I am completely overwhelmed by world cup and I will try to qualify for the Olympics. The last competition takes place in Toulouse in December so till then I will have no trips planned. I'll see how the season continues and will make plans on the go.

Photos: @kcphotographyhk