Urška Repušič

Mit sieben Jahren kletterte sie bereits auf alle Möbelstücke bei sich zu Hause. Also meldeten ihre Eltern sie zu einem Kletterkurs an. Dies veränderte ihr Leben. Jetzt ist sie fast 19 und Highschool-Schülerin, die ihre gesamte Freizeit dem Training widmet. Sie konzentriert sich auf Wettkämpfe. Letztes Jahr war sie Zweite beim Bouldern und Fünfte im Lead-Klettern bei der Jugendweltmeisterschaft. Bei der Weltmeisterschaft der Erwachsenen gelangte sie unter die ersten 20.

Urška Repušič


Year of birth: 2000

Place of stay: Maribor, Slovenia

Climbing since: 2007

Favorite product:

I´ve been climbing with Ozone Lady for quite some time already because they fit me well. The shoe feels soft – the fiber on the inside fits your foot perfectly (in comparison to some other shoes I´ve tried). The inside gets softer and more adjusted to your foot after a week or two of usage when it reaches its final shape. The final size of Ozone Lady is usually not more than half of the size bigger than the brand new pair is, sizing is the same as regular shoe size (my shoe size is UK 6.5, my Ozone Lady climbing shoes are UK 6). The shoe tip is stiff enough for small footholds, while the soft and elastic rubber on the shoe bottom can perfectly adjust to volumes. Toe hook is great because the shoe instep (the upper part of the climbing shoe) isn’t totally curved. Thanks to the recent innovation of the heel part the heelhooking is also solid.
What I love about that shoe is that it is very comfortable but also precise enough and versatile, so it can easily adjust to any foothold/volume shape. In my opinion, Ozone Lady climbing shoes are appropriate for competitive climbers, but in spite of their adjustability and softness are also appropriate and easy to use for beginners.

When did you start climbing and who with?

2007,  I was like a small monkey when a was little – loved climbing things and rocks so my parents signed me into the local climbing club (APD Kozjak Maribor) - can't imagine my life without climbing ever since.

Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it? 

Uri – I got it when I was in 2nd grade.

Hardest and most valuable sends: 

Boulder: Brocolli 8A, Route: Specialist 8a+ (I didn´t rock climb as much as I would have wanted to due to full competition and school schedule, but I have plenty of plans and goals for my future rock climbing scene.)

If you didn´t climb, what would you probably do with your life? 

I would probably do some other adrenaline sport. I would love to try wingsuiting and paragliding… Maybe gymnastics, surfing is also a lot of fun. I believe there are beauty and uniqueness in every single sport and that’s why I love sports life.

What is your favorite place in the world?


What do you like the most about climbing?

You forget about the surroundings, there is just you, your mind and the wall.

How long was your longest fall and when and where did it happen?

I jumped off a 20 meters high bridge (with a rope), I luckily haven’t fallen for more than around 3 meters (so far).

Are you scared of falling?

Only scared of falling off really high boulders where landing surface isn’t 100 percent safe and in a slab style route (also in slab boulder)

Are you scared of anything else?

The transience of life. Bugs can also get on my nerve.

What is your ape index?


Meine Lieblingsausrüstung:

Neon 3 Lady

Ozone Lady