Tomaso Greksák


Tomaso Greksák


Year of birth: 1985

Place of stay: Bratislava

Years climbing: since 1992

Specialization: Boulder mostly, but I am quite familiar with lead and mountains as well.

When did you start climbing and who with?

Both my parents climb, so I grew up at the crags basically and I haven’t grew out of it yet.

Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it?

Tomaso, there was several guys called Tomas in our club, so everyone got some abbreviation/variation.

Hardest and most valuable sends:

  • The Arch 8B, boulder
  • Conquistador 8A+, boulder
  • Mandala 8A+, boulder

If you didn´t climb, what would you probably do with your life?

I climb all my life, I really can’t imagine what I would do if I weren’t climbing.

What is your favourite place in the world?

There are many places I love to return to, but Fontainebleau has a special place in my heart.

What do you like the most about climbing?

Physically I enjoy its complexity and creativity of movements and that I learn something new every time I climb. Socially I like the people who climb and their lifestyle and it is a great way for self-realisation as well.

How long was your longest fall, when and where did it happen?

I have experienced only regular falls while leading but I had a few ugly looking falls while bouldering. A few years ago I have landed on my back away from crash pads while falling of Hélicoptere boulder in Fontainebleau, that took my breath for a while.

Are you scared of falling?

Sometime. There are days when I feel invincible and then there are days when I don’t feel comfortable doing any tricky move little further above last bolt.

Are you scared of anything else?

I am afraid that I will sleep through something important, so I sleep less.

What is your ape index?

15 - tripping over my own arms at times.