Twist Tech

Comfortable three-buckle harness for alpine climbing

Twit Tech is a comfortable harness featuring a well-tried design. The movable waist belt enables ideal centering of the padding as well as flexible sizing - the waist belt goes through a drawstring-like channel in the padding so the padding can be adjusted precisely to face the belay loop. Gear loopes are also placed symetrically. Haul bag loop is useful extra feature for longer climbing adventures. Extra safety is ensured by non-detachable connections that don´t alow wrong tie-in. The shape of the harness accomodates body geometry, it is also reducing pressure when belaying, abseiling and especially when falling. It´s suitable for for multi-pitch and alpine climbing.
  • Movable waist belt system
  • Adjustable wider leg loops
  • Safety joint system
  • 3 slide-lock stainless steel buckles of stainless (2× 20 mm, 1× 30 mm)
  • 4 gear loops
  • Haul bag loop on the back
XS - M  60 - 80 cm   45 - 55 cm  375 g
M - L  70 - 95 cm  52 - 67 cm  405 g
L - XL  80 - 105 cm   57 - 72 cm  425 g
Recommended for
Via Ferrata


"D"leg loops
3-buckle construction
Watter repellent PE foam padding
Movable waist system
Stainless steel buckles
The system of connection of loop legs with the waist belt
EN 12277 typ C
UIAA 105
375 g

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