Kinga Ociepka Grzegulska

Der größte Erfolg Kingas kam ein Jahr nach der Geburt ihres zweiten Kindes, es war der erste polische 9a, speziell Sprawa Honour in der Mamutowa-Höhle.

Kinga Ociepka Grzegulska


Year of birth: 1986

Place of stay: Cracow, Poland

Climbing since: 1996

When did you start climbing and who with?

When I was 10 years old, with my twin brother Konrad.

Do you have a nickname?

I don’t.

Hardest and most valuable sends:

Sprawa Honoru, 9a RP, Mamutowa Cave, Poland - lead

If you didn´t climb, what would you probably do with your life?

I have no idea.

What is your favourite place in the world?

For climbing it is Rodellar, for living it is my hometown Cracow.

What do you like the most about climbing?

That everyone, regardless of the level, can push to his limit and have his own goal. Also that you can travel to different places, meet people, do what you love and be in nature at the same time.

How long was your longest fall, when and where did it happen?

I don’t know how long it was, but my scariest fall happened during WorldCup in Barcelona where I broke my wrist. You can see it here.

Are you scared of falling?

Yes, very much, because I had two surgeries in my life and both of them were the results of falling. I have a screw in my wrist and I had ACL reconstruction.

Are you scared of anything else?

I am scared of many things! Most of all I´m worried about my children.

What is your ape index?

+ 5cm, 1.03

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