Jett cleverly combines high performance with comfort. We‘ve developed a completely new last for Jett and then added our stickiest sole. The high rubber rand and stiff midsole guarantee that you can rely on the Jett on small ledges, even when making technically demanding moves. The Jett has a breatheable tongue, seamless heel and soft leather insole so you can climb comfortably all day.

Jett is the right choice for ambitious and talented beginners, as well as intermediate climbers who want to push the limits of their abilities without suffering in tight shoes.

Sport climbing shoe that does not resign on comfort

New climbing shoe for all those, who seek ideal balance between comfort and performance. We have developed a brand new last because of Jett QC. We also put our super adhesive rubber compound CAT 1.5 on it.

Reliable climbing shoe for long climbs

Long and partly covered lacing along with hard midsole predestine Jett LU for technically challenging routes where precise footwork matters. Bigger volume of the instep and tip guarantee comfort while climbing long routes and multipitches.