9,1 mm _Vision_Yell

Vision 9,1 mm

Thin rope designed for the most demanding sport climbing.


Spirit 9,5 mm

Excellent choice for versatile climbers - this is a rope with optimal diameter, low weight and long life.


Cult 9,8 mm

Cult is a rope with very comfortable handling and great durability at the same time.

10,2 mm_Guru _tyrkys

Guru 10 mm

Rope with long lifespan - suitable for trying hard routes where often falls are common as well as for routine training at the wall.


Ultimate 9,4 mm

Lightweight sport climbing rope, aimed for the hardest sport climbs


Shogun 10 mm

All-round rope with great technical parameters and comfy handling


Durance 10,5 mm

The most durable rope on offer