In 2016 we´ve come up with Oxi – performance climbing shoe especially designed for hard bouldery moves. During its first season Oxi received good ratings in tests (8a.nu, Klettern, UK Climbing) and become known among climbers. For 2017 we´ve improved Oxi according to the observations which brought its first year on market and also thanks to the feedback from World Cup experience of our ambassador Alban Levier. That´s how Oxi S was created..

Successful first season of Oxi on market made us develop whole Oxi family. Apart from bouldering Oxi S we´re going to offer also Oxi Lady, Oxi LU and Oxi QC in the season of 2017. They´re all performance oriented. And each of them is perfect for a different discipline.








With the most rubberized toe-box of the whole Oxi family and specially designed heel Oxi S is predestined for bouldering. The slipper construction with a single velcro strap means the shoe is easy to take on and off while the performance is not compromised. This product is an updated version of the shoe following feedback from World Cup experience. A more sensitive mid-sole with added stability in toe-box protects the joints and increases friction.


Ladies´ version of performance bouldering shoe. Rubberized toebox and heel are designed especially for frequent toe-hooks and heel-hooks. It offers great sensitivity and also easy taking on and off thanks to the slipper construction with one velcro. Oxi Lady is designed to be used for indoor bouldering, competition climbing and outdoors as well. It has a smaller volume of instep and it´s narrower in construction to fit the shape of female foot.


Sport climbing, bouldering or indoor training. Oxi QC is a shoe for the versatile climber to compete in all disciplines. Highly rubberized toe-box and heel give you the ability to perform technical toe-hooks and heel-hooks on any surface. The two piece tongue with two velcro straps in opposing directions make Oxi QC easy to put on and hold the foot firmly in place. Highly asymmetric and aggressive curvature working in combination with the medium hard mid-sole and sticky sole makes this shoe suitable for all types of modern sport climbing.


Harder than any other shoe in Oxi family, this shoe is suitable for high performance in all climbing disciplines. The laces make for a highly adjustable fitting and don´t get in the way in narrow cracks. Highly rubberized toe-box and heel protect the foot in cracks and increase the friction. Oxi LU is suitable for sport climbing just as well as for trad routes. The shoes come with two sets of laces as there are two ways to set up the lacing on them, one for training and the other for serious attempts.