Borna Čujić

Year of birth: 1997

Place of stay: Zagreb, Croatia

Climbing since: 2005

Specialization: boulder

Link to Borna´s blog with many amazing pics is here.

Favourite product: Oxi

When did you start climbing and who with?

Somewhere in 2005, my dad introduced me to it.

Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it?

Not really. Sometimes my trainer calls me Bornilicious and I like that nickname.

Hardest and most valuable sends:

  • Einfisch Kleinfisch 8B in Chironico - boulder
  • Il Maratoneta 8b+ in Paklenica - lead
  • first ascentA of The Time 8c in Istria - lead

If you didn´t climb, what would you probably do with your life?

I´d choose some other sport or become professional gamer.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Chironico and Cresciano

How long was your longest fall, when and where did it happen?

I didn’t have a lot of long falls. Probably around 10 metres in Pandora, Istria. But safely into the air because it’s an overhang.

Are you scared of falling?

In lead sometimes yes, it depends.

Are you scared of anything else?

Nothing special as far as I remember.

What is your ape index?