How the sticky rubber is made

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 04.12.2017 Category Education

Sticky sole is the basis of a reliable climbing shoe. It must grip on sand and limestone as well as on granite, whether relying on friction or smearing on micro edges. What always matters is not only the climber’s skills, but also the sole rubber. Can you imagine how complicated the path leading to its creation in the rubber laboratory is?

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The Story of Your Climbing Shoes

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 02.10.2017 Category Stories

Have you ever wondered how your climbing shoes are made, what it takes to design, test, feedback, test again and eventually put them into production? Have you ever thought about where the inspiration for a new shoe comes from and the skill it takes to hand craft the shoes which will edge, smear, hook and jam you up your favourite route or latest project?

If so and you´re interested, join us on a guided tour through the Ocún climbing shoes manufactory located in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic.

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Visiting Alban Levier in Fontaineblau

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 01.12.2016 Category Stories

It was inevitable – one day we´d have to visit Alban Levier in his home climbing area. Or rather in his home bouldering area, to be precise. Famous Fontainebleau near Paris. Lucky guy to be born there.

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Kinga Ociepka-Grzegulska: First woman in Poland to ever climb 9a

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 07.10.2016 Category Stories

Kinga is 30-year-old Polish climber and mom of two kids who carefully divides her time between family and training. She is a former competition climber who´s now focusing mostly on hard outdoor sport climbs. On 27th of September she´s become the very first Polish woman to climb a 9a route and therefore she´s entered the elite club of very few women who climbed a route of such difficulty anywhere in the world.

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Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 30.08.2016 Category Stories

Have you ever been wondering why our climbing shoes, harnesses and carabiners carry the name Ocún? Some of you may suspect that there is some connection to a flower. Well, yes, it is. But that´s not all.

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Petra Queitsch: Interview with a climbing mum

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 06.06.2016 Category Stories

Climbing mums are becoming a phenomenon. How can they make it - to have a baby and train? Well, no one said it was easy. But it is certainly possible. We´re glad to support one of them - boulderer Petra Queitsch from Germany.

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Sales meetings: How we met our business partners

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 03.05.2016 Category NEWs from OCUN

What are the newest climbing shoes for next season gonna look like? And what colours will be the cool ones for your next year in rocks and amongst boulders? That´s what we discussed in Ocún with our sales colleagues during two sales meetings in April.
How was it? Pretty fun...

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Alban about World Cup in Switzerland and Japan

Author: Date: 27.04.2016 Category Stories

Here´s some brief World Cup info from our ambassador Alban Levier for English readers. It´s all about the qualities of boulders at the first two World Cup competitions, travelling to competitions and (crazy) life in Tokyo...

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Ocún at the new address

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 20.04.2016 Category NEWs from OCUN

Ocún headquarters is to be found at the new address in Mnichovo Hradiště, right within the sight of Drábské světničky – climbing gateway to Czech paradise and the place where it all begun.

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Alban Levier: Everybody´s asking how it feels to win over Adam Ondra

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 14.04.2016 Category Stories

If you enjoy watching international competitions in sport climbing and bouldering, you certainly know who we´re talking about here. Alban Levier ended fifth in last year´s bouldering World cup overall ranking. He won the contest in Toronto and left behind such rockstars as Adam Ondra or Sean McColl.
Alban has recently sent couple of hard boulder problems in his home area of Fontainbleau and right now he´s starting to fully focus on the competition season. How´s he training, why did he choose bouldering and what drives him to be so good?

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