Fontainebleau: Last calm sectors with great boulders

Author: Alban Levier Date: 03.04.2019 Category Climbers Guide to the Galaxy

Bouldering is becoming ever more popular and Fontainebleau is getting more and more crowded. But it is still possible to find peaceful spots in the forest and climb the most beautiful boulders. Let me show you…

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Loic Timmermans: Not only a climber

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 19.03.2019 Category Stories

Loic is training almost every day and hopes to represent Belgium at the first Olympic games where climbing is gonna be a discipline. Despite this, sport is not the middle of the Universe for him. He is a living proof that it is possible to combine maximum training effort even with legal studies.

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BOR: A little known area with world class climbs

Author: Jenda Šolc Date: 27.02.2019 Category Climbers Guide to the Galaxy

There aren’t many places in the CR where you can find sandstone boulders with the right kind of texture. At Bor the sandstone offers all kinds of holds ranging from holes to tiny ledges. And it’s not crowded. Perhaps that’s because this hill with 1,400 boulders is relatively remote. Read more about it, and if you go, treat the enchanting nature here with respect.

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How to choose the right climbing shoes

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 14.02.2019 Category Education

Climbing shoes have to be small. It’s supposed to hurt when you wear them. Everybody knows that. Whenever you see a climber on TV, they inevitably mention how much smaller than normal climbing shoes are. Except this well-known rule of thumb does not always apply. Do you really have to buy shoes that hurt your toes?

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Sardinia: A climber’s paradise with breathtaking views

Author: Jan Hrnčíř Date: 29.01.2019 Category Climbers Guide to the Galaxy

Turquoise sea, white cliffs and the best doppio under the Mediterranean Sea. That’s Sardinia – a small island with an obscure past, its own representation in Italian Parliament and a diverse landscape. The opportunities afforded to climbers are virtually inexhaustible. From bouldering in the north to the wild interior and Gole di Gorropu limestone canyon with the famed multi-pitch Hotel Supramonte to the sport climbing paradise on the east coast.

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Interview with Urška Repušič: Climbing as a no. 1 priority

Author: Date: 11.01.2019 Category Stories

It was obvious since her early childhood that she was born as a climber. At 18 Urška Repušič is representing Slovenia at world competitions in bouldering and lead. If you want to know how much time she´s willing to sacrifice to training or where she gets her motivation, read more.

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Dominator: A completely different boulder mat

Author: Date: 13.12.2018 Category Education

At first glance the Dominator looks like your standard, medium-thickness boulder mat, but if you slice it open to look inside, you’ll find it is fundamentally different than all other mats. These differences make it better than all the rest.

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Everything you need to know about ropes

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 21.03.2018 Category Education

How are ropes developed and manufactured? How long will a rope last if you take care good care of it? And with really heavy use? Which diameter is the best one for you?

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The perks of training in the UK (by Anźe Peharc)

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 21.02.2018 Category Stories

United Kingdom is not exactly known as a paradise for sport climbers in the way Spain is, but it has other advantages that draw attention of climbers from around the world. Such as culture of uncompromising training, high spirit in the gyms and even some world-famous sport climbs known for being very tough for their grades – let´s name Hubble (8c+ which is often being talked about as "more like 9a" hard). All of this brought here also Anźe Peharc, our athlete from Slovenia.

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How the sticky rubber is made

Author: Lucie Trojanová Date: 04.12.2017 Category Education

Sticky sole is the basis of a reliable climbing shoe. It must grip on sand and limestone as well as on granite, whether relying on friction or smearing on micro edges. What always matters is not only the climber’s skills, but also the sole rubber. Can you imagine how complicated the path leading to its creation in the rubber laboratory is?

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